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With over 25 years experience in writing, debugging, releasing, maintaining, and publishing Windows Desktop Software Applications, we can help you with your coding projects.

C++, MFC, Database interop, Internationalization, Multitasking, Synchronization, and more!
High Performance and Easily Maintained code is our speciality.

Top C++ Coding Reputation

I have been an active member of the Stack Overflow peer to peer programming forum for over a decade, and am in the top 8% for reputation.  Feel free to take a look at my profile there:





CimPACK - is an industry standards-setting CAD/CAM suite for the packaging design and diemaking industry.  CimPACK has a user-configurable database system, a sophisticated scripting language, integrated automatic updates, site-wide and per-workstation configurability, and more.


Activator Programmer is a security dongle programming tool which also ties into customer management and fully automated license generation and updates.

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The eQuestionnaire is a forerunner of web browser technologies, designed for the families and doctors of juvenile oncology patients to offer triage support in the case of concerns, as well as to invite caretakers to explore training videos and other media to help assist in ongoing caregiving.  Included built-in remote video conferencing capabilities with oncall doctors in the case of emergencies.



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Software systems often need to be able to talk to each other - sometimes directly, sometimes through intermediary files, othertmes through database backends, and even across the internet.  We have built a wide array of bridges to interconnect different systems to enable scheduled events, system logging, reporting, and process coordination.


We can provide expert knowledge and how-to's to make your software or systems more secure and better managed.

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Encrypting files and I/O, communicating with secure API back-ends, and detecting improper authorization are necessary in today's software systems.

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If your software needs to run in multiple languages and locales, we have experience and expertise in ensuring that your project is internationalizable; keeping your localized assets in a clean per-language DLL which can be easily translated by such tools as Alchemy Catalyst or SDL Trados.


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We are experts in C++ software development, having worked in C++ for more than two decades, keeping fully abreast of the evolving C++ 0x, C++ 11, C++ 14, and now C++ 17 standards.

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Having developed and architected many projects has allowed us the opportunity to work in various coding languages.  We've done serious projects in Java, Smalltalk, Objective-C, and even mixed in a little x86 and 6502 assembler.



Scripting languages are often the go-to glue of systems integration and automation.  We have written various tools and glue-code using TCC/4DOS, Perl, Python, Grep, Bash, etc.  We use the tools that make the job work reliably and cost-effectively.

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