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We can help you learn to use your computer to help you accomplish your goals and overcome your technology challenges.


Computer Upgrades
Password Management
Backup and Restore
Custom Performance PCs

Whatever your PC Hardware needs, we can help you to get your current system performing well, or help you to upgrade to a system that better meets your needs on a reasonable budget.


Get the most out of your internet connection!

Perhaps you need to boost your wireless signals to some part of your home or business, or perhaps you need to secure your private network separately from your public network available for guests.

Whatever your requirements,
we can make technology
work for you.

and more...

Computers and Networking technology are tools for you to make your life or your customers' lives better.

We can work with you to help you understand technology and harness it for your ends.

We can help with most anything computer related.

Let us help  you to achieve your goals.



Tutoring & Personal Assistance

Sometimes the best help is one-on-one assistance and tutoring.  If you've got computer questions, or would like help understanding how to use some piece of software to accomplish your tasks in an easier or better way, or perhaps you simply know it should be possible for your computer to help you do something you've been wanting to accomplish, but aren't sure where to start: we can help.


Computers and Laptops tend to accumulate errors over time.  Malware, sometimes a virus, most often things just don't work quite right anymore.  Maybe your email won't let you open an attachment like it used to, or maybe you have to jump through some special hurdles to get a document to print correctly (or at all). Whatever the case, we can clean out the junk, throw out the trash, and streamline things so that they're working properly.

Upgrade on any Budget

We can provide expert knowledge and how-to's to help you either upgrade your current PC or laptop, or to purchase, assemble, and install an entirely new one; along with assistance in moving your files and settings from your old system to your new one.

New Computers

Whether you want us to build you your dream computer or a high performance PC for someone you love, we can deliver.  As PC gamer and hardware enthusiasts, we keep up on the latest and greatest new hardware including graphics cards, SSDs, monitors, and performance tricks to build the perfect high-performance or gaming system. 

Local Networking, Internet, Email, etc.

We have helped to install, troubleshoot, repair, and configure a great many different computer networks for individuals and businesses.  If you want to expand access to the internet, secure parts of your network from the public, enhance security when browsing the internet, resolve email issues, or any other networking problems, we can handle that for you.  Whether this is a home network or a business and you want to setup your own email services or access to your work computers from home, give us a call and we can get you there.

Backups, Passwords, and Security

As we become accustomed to sharing more and more of our data online, it becomes all the more critical for us to have a password manager, to ensure that our systems are being properly backed up on a reliable and regular schedule, and that we take at least common sense measures to protect our computers and our data from thieves (or worse).  We can help you to set up a system that works for your needs and budget, that you can be in control of.

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